Wisdom Apologetics

Equipping Christians To Articulate And Defend Their Faith In Contemporary Culture

Wisdom Apologetics

Equipping Christians To Articulate And Defend Their Faith In Contemporary Culture


The Veritas Forum 2019 at UAA

Hosted by the Wisdom Club UAA with Apologist Greg Koukl as keynote speaker. Two major topics: Is Tolerance Intolerant? Are Science and Faith Compatible? will be discussed with a panel of UAA professors and community leaders.

Is Christianity A Bunch of Outdated Rules?

In this clip, Apologist Prince Nwankudu answers the question of Christianity being a bunch of outdated rules at a Wisdom Club UAA gathering..

Veritas Forum: Is Tolerance Intolerant? with Q&A

Prince Nwankudu responds to Christian apologist Greg Koukl’s presentation on the Intolerance of Tolerance plus Q&A.


Podcast #1:

“Pilot Edition of Dare to Believe” (currently titled How We Got Into Apologetics) – This introductory podcast offers a brief talk on what you can expect from our brand new apologetics podcast “Dare to Believe.”

Podcast #2:

“What You Believe Matters” – It’s important to analyze what you believe. In this week’s podcast, we present how to conduct a worldview analysis to help in evaluating other worldviews and to help develop your own.

Podcast #3:

“How Critically Do We Evaluate Scientific Truth Claims?” Thoughts from the book Science and Human Origins by Ann Gauger, Doug Axe, and Casey Luskin are highlighted in this particular discussion.

Podcast #4:

“Wisdom Club Visits Women in Apologetics” Members of the Wisdom Club from the University of Alaska Anchorage share highlights from their visit to the 2019 Women in Apologetics (WIA) conference held in La Mirada, CA. Topics relating to culture and faith were the highlight of this discussion.

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Candid Conversations on Progressive Christianity, CRT & Other Critical Theories!!

October 19, 2022 @ 7PM

Theme: Learn How the Face of the Church and Culture are Changing as we try to understand Progressive Christianity and Critical Theories from a Christian Perspective

Topic: How should Christians think about the radical changes happening in the Christian Faith? What should be our stance when it comes to the various critical theories surfacing in our culture? 

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