Seminar Themes

i. Overview of Apologetics – Articulating and Defense of the Gospel/Christian Faith

ii. Wisdom – Combating anti-intellectualism. The motivation for excellence in academic pursuits

iii. Philosophy and content of Faith – Addressing personal doubts and developing Biblical convictions

iv. Science and Religion – Refuting Scientism, Naturalism. Positive evidence for Intelligent Design

v. Case for the Jesus and resurrection – Historical Jesus and Evidence of the resurrection

vi. Historicity and authenticity of the Bible – History, Archaeology, prophetic fulfillment/predictions

vii. If God, why evil? – Addressing suffering, pain, unanswered prayers and skeptic objections

viii. Rationality of Christianity – Refuting world religions, pluralism, atheism and relativism

ix. Dare to be Different? – Daniel in Babylon – Addressing cultural trends

x. Addressing Sexual Revolution – Sexuality, Sexual sins, Christian approach to LGBT

xi. God’s Value System – Eternal and temporal values, priorities, kingdom goals and habits

xii. Logic and Critical Thinking – Identifying and avoiding logical fallacies

xiii. Spiritual Apologetics – Prayer/spiritual warfare, lifestyle, conviction of the Holy Spirit, Word power

xiv. Grace of Revelation of God – General and Special – the wise, the fool and the depraved