Kingdom Perspectives TV broadcast with Christian Apologists Prince and Angela Nwankudu will debut on Friday, August 2, 2019. Our program airs weekly on Fridays at 9/8c on The NOW Network. The NOW Network has a viewership of over 30 million homes in the US on Cable Television. Kingdom Perspectives is presented by Wisdom Apologetics a ministry of God’s Family Global Network.

Kingdom Perspectives is a television broadcast specializing in apologetics from various perspectives as it relates to a variety of issues in Christianity. These perspectives on the kingdom of God will cover various topics from apologetics to spiritual living in a balanced way. Our episodes will focus on general apologetics, apologetics evangelism, apologetics discipleship, apologetics spiritual warfare, apologetics spiritual living, and apologetics wisdom.

The Now Network can be viewed live on NTS Communications channel 249 (TX & LA), NK Telco Cable Ch.70 (CA & TN), LiteStream Cable Ch.80 (FL), TikiLive Cable Ch.106, FTC Ch.259 (SC) & Rodeo Network Ch.364 (WA, KS & MI). The Network can also be viewed on ROKU Channel and 24/7 Online Streaming at or WATCH on your MOBILE by clicking this link

HOSTED BY: Apologists Prince and Angie Nwankudu

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