Wisdom Academy

We provide an online environment to equip Christian youth and adults with intellectual and spiritual tools to stand their ground, defend their faith and persuasively communicate the gospel in an increasingly anti-Christian culture. Our goal is to provide this generation with an active and dynamic platform for encouragement and positive reinforcement for the Christian faith.

Enrollment starts June 1, 2020








Course Structure and What to Expect

  1.  The entire course duration is 7 months or 28 weeks. 
  2. Classes will be offered online to make it convenient for all to attend. Each class will have a duration of 1.5 hrs. Each module will be an equivalent of 2 college credit hours.
  3. Some of the lectures will be provided in person during seminars or through video-conferencing. Lectures will consist of a PowerPoint presentation format with guided audio-visual instruction occurring concurrently. Video presentations to enhance certain concepts may be provided in some instances.
Module 1:
  1. Overview of Apologetics. – Articulating and Defense of the Gospel/Christian Faith. Tactics in Apologetics evangelism.
  2. Wisdom and Intellectualism: Combating anti-intellectualism–The motivation for excellence in biblical literacy and academic pursuits.
  3. Faith & Reason: Philosophy and Content of Faith – Addressing personal doubts and developing biblical convictions (developing a Christian worldview).
  4. Rationality of Christianity – Refuting world religions, pluralism, atheism, and relativism (objective truth/morality/tolerance issues).
  5.  Faith in Culture: Dare to be Different? – Embracing the Christian identity while addressing cultural trends.
Module 2:
  1. Case for Jesus and the Resurrection – Evidence for the historical Jesus and the resurrection.
  2. Historicity and Authenticity of the Bible – History, Archaeology, prophetic fulfillment/predictions.
  3. If God is Good, Why Evil? – Addressing suffering, pain, unanswered prayers and skeptic objections.
  4. Sexuality and Gender: Addressing Sexual Revolution – Sexuality, Sexual sins, Gender dysphoria/fluidity, Christian approach to LGBTQ.
  5. Spiritual Apologetics – Prayer/spiritual warfare, lifestyle apologetics.
Module 3:
  1. The Revelation of God – General and Special revelation– the wise, the fool and the depraved.
  2. Science and Religion – Refuting Scientism, Naturalism, Darwinism and Abiogenesis. Highlighting positive evidence for Intelligent Design and origin of life.
  3. Worldviews and Syncretism– Clarifying Core Christian beliefs and how to avoid mixture of beliefs and the deception of New Age concepts.
  4. Logic and Critical Thinking – Identifying and avoiding logical fallacies. Exploring God’s Value System – eternal and temporal values.
  5. Apologetics Evangelism Practicum–How to address/answer atheists, New Agers, other religions, LGBTQ, skeptics, and the undecided in real time evangelism. Apologetics writing, blogging, speaking, role plays, and presentations.
Student Information/Expectations
  1. Each student will be assigned an ID #, log-in credentials, and receive or have access to a syllabus explaining the course objectives, content, expectations, and schedule.
  2. Students will have online access to the resource center on www.wisdomapologetics.com, devoted exclusively to the Wisdom Apologetics Academy. Upon log-in, they can access, lecture notes, lesson reviews, study guides, links to journal/scholarly articles for additional reading, dialog with other students concerning questions raised in class, and participate in periodic giveaway contests of apologetic-related material to keep them engaged and making constant use of the website.
  3. There will be testing periodically via quizzes and exams to see how well students are consuming/comprehending the information and a proficiency exam at the end of the coursework.
  4. There will also be an end-of-course requirement where the students will be asked to write a 3-5-page paper giving a defense of an apologetic topic of their choice, to demonstrate what they have learned over the course of the program.
Overall Outcome/Benefits
  1. Graduates of this course will be more confident in articulating their faith as they evangelize to an ever-growing intellectually-enlightened, but hostile culture and will fulfill the great admonition of:
    a. Colossians 4:5-6 “Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time. Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.”
    b. 1 Peter 3:15 “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”
  2. The academy is open to the community and all churches as a lay-level apologetics training. Churches who wish to implement apologetics evangelism in their own congregations can send key people for training by enrolling in the program.
  3. Graduates of Wisdom Apologetics Academy who desire to further their studies in apologetics could receive discounts at Biola University Apologetics program. Plans are also underway to secure discounts at Southern Evangelical Seminary.
  4. The Wisdom Apologetics Academy is also in negotiations for graduates of the Certificate in Apologetics Evangelism to concurrently earn six college credits at University of Christian Studies and Seminary.ram.

Become a Student

Christian apologists help Christians defend their beliefs by providing reasons and evidence to answer contemporary objections against Christianity. We at Wisdom Apologetics are more than happy to help come alongside your church, ministry organization, or group to help provide answers to tough questions.


Wisdom Apologetics has helped me in so many ways. I have been able to deal with my own personal doubts about Christianity and put off any shame regarding the subject. I used to think that “good” Christians had it all together and never doubted what they believed, but I have come to realize that my thought process regarding Christianity was wrong. Being a Christian teen in this day and age is tough, but I thank God for Apologetics and everything I’ve been equipped with through it.

Destiny Woko

Before I started learning about apologetics I would go to work or social engagements and feel belittled or mocked for my faith in Christ.  Through apologetics teachings and exercises I have received boldness to defend my faith and beliefs.  Apologetics has helped me advance in critical thinking and helped me have a reasonable defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Larry Wanous

Learning apologetics has helped me to stand firm in my faith when faced with intellectual discourse I meet on my college campus. I have learned to listen more intently to what the other person is saying so I may respond with relevant points as I give evidence for why I believe in God, the Bible and Jesus Christ using science, history, and other areas of natural study

Jennifer Schmid