The Alaska Bible College has announced its annual Fall 2022 Apologetics Conference! This year’s theme is: “Be Ready” where our very own apologist, Prince Nwankudu will be one of the breakout speakers. We encourage you to join us and our apologetic partners: Ratio Christi and Reasonable Faith Anchorage at the Alaska Bible College Oct 28-29, 2022 for this power-packed conference. There will be a plenary speaker, Dr. Richard Howe speaking on “Answering the Scientific Arguments of Popular Atheism” and breakout sessions on riveting topics like: Chris Gonzales’ “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist,” Lehvi Minder’s “The End of Apologetics,” Dr. David Ley’s “Is the Bible Authentic and Authoritative,” Matthew Cote’s “A Thomistic Response to Evil,” and Prince Nwankudu’s “Technocracy and its ‘End Times’ Implications” among others. Bring your questions as there will be a Q&A panel at the end of each day. Registration is FREE and if you can’t attend in person, there’s also an online option at registration sign up. Come away prepared to “give an answer for the hope within” you! Visit here to register:

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