It’s that time of the year again for the annual ABC conference.

Featuring Dr. Richard G. Howe and Dr. Tricia Scribner. Come join us as we “Take Every Thought Captive.”

About this event

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Note: The first event on the schedule, S.E.S. Prospective Student Luncheon, is being hosted by S.E.S. and has its own registration (click here). This event is not taking place on the ABC campus.

Speaker Info:

Richard G. Howe, Ph.D.

– Provost and Norman L. Geisler Chair of Christian Apologetics at S.E.S. Dr. Howe is a writer as well as a public speaker and debater in churches, conferences, and university campuses on issues concerning Christian apologetics and philosophy. Dr. Howe is also a Past President of the International Society of Christian Apologetics. In their free time, Richard and his wife, Rebekah, enjoy international travel.

Tricia Scribner, Ph.D

– Holds a master’s degree in apologetics and in nursing, is a former RN, was certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner (though did not practice), and earned a PhD in philosophy of religion with a focus on apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC. Her dissertation focused on the bio-philosophical foundations of theistic evolution and its implications for philosophy of religion, showing the impossibility of theistic evolution in a Thomistic philosophical framework. Tricia and her husband, Randy, have been married 46 years, live in Harrisburg, NC, and are active members of Hickory Grove Baptist Church. She loves being a mom to three adult girls, two sons- in-law, and considers some of her most challenging and rewarding apologetics ministry to be teaching her ten grandchildren, to whom she is “Nana.”

Chris Gonzales

– Director of the Anchorage Alaska Reasonable Faith Chapter. Chris was ordained in December of 2019 through Rabbit Creek Church in Anchorage and is called to bring Christian Apologetics throughout Alaska.

Kevin Jones, Ph.D.

– Cardinal Newman Chair of Catholic Theology and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Alaska Pacific University. His research broadly centers upon the theology of grace, and focuses more particularly on the role of religious commitment in the public square in the thought of St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. He and his family enjoy reading, cooking and eating, and spending as much time outside as they can.

Matthew J. Coté

– Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics at Alaska Bible College. As a former atheist, he is passionate about helping people understand what they believe and why they believe it. He earned his B.A. in Literary Analysis from the University of Wisconsin, and an M.A. in Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary, where he is working on his dissertation for his Ph.D in Philosophy of Religion. He is married to Christy, and together they enjoy reading, hiking, and spending time with their three dogs, Eudora, Apollos, and Sophia.

Pastor Prince Nwankudu

– Founding President of Wisdom Apologetics/Wisdom Club/Wisdom Academy, Member – Reasons To Believe (RTB) Apologetics Community, Evangelical Philosophical Society, and Consulting Editorial Board member Theology/ Philosophical Studies Section of the Sacrum Testamentum (an International Theological Journal).

Dawson Henry

– A student at Alaska Bible College and intern with the first Alaskan chapter of Ratio Christi, an international apologetics ministry. Dawson is passionate about Thomistic philosophy, Great Books literature, and tea. He plans to continue his education both as a lifelong learner and with the goal of teaching as a professor. Among his favorite authors are Thomas Aquinas and Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Nathan Davenport

– Connections Pastor at Creekside Church. He has been serving at Creekside for over five years. He is passionate about serving the local church and equipping believers to love God and love God’s Word. He earned his B.A. in Biblical Studies from Alaska Bible College and is working towards his M.A. in Biblical Studies through Southern Evangelical Seminary. He is married to Abby and they have two children, David and Sydney. In his free time, Nathan loves to watch sports, read, and spend time outside with his family.

Justin Archuletta

– Chaplain and Professor at Alaska Bible College. He earned his B.A. in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry form Alaska Bible College, and an M.A. in Religion and Church History form Liberty University where he is working on his D.Min in Discipleship. He is married to Allie and has three children, Annabelle, John-Paul, and Declan. The family is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their fourth child this winter. In their free time they enjoy fishing, ice skating, hunting, working on their micro farm.


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