In our current socio-cultural climate, many voices clamor for what is deemed truth, but can truth be unequivocally privatized? This pressing topic is affecting much of the way we do life as a society and affects our interpersonal relations on a deep and personal level. Can we reach a point of common ground? Join us for this thoughtfully engaging dialogue between opposing worldviews as we delve into the topic “Is There Such a Thing as ‘My Truth’ or ‘Your Truth’?” Other questions to be addressed by the panel are “Is truth objective?”, “Where does morality come from?” and “Does cancel culture stifle discussions on what is true?” This must-attend virtual event will be Live on Zoom at 6 pm on Friday, April 9th. Please join us in this life-changing intellectual worldview dialogue between a Christian, a Universalist, and a Naturalist. Register for free here.


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